I hope you enjoy, as I did, this inspiring song by the upcoming artist Gary Thunderwood.


It is now officially against my religion (which is supercallafragilistic-snatszerpazookeanism,don't ask me how to pronounce that)to post on my blog.jk.On other matters,I recently got a new Schecter 5-string bass(which,as you might've guessed,is pictured above,duh).Well,I guess you can expect a new post in,oh,say about 7 or 8 years.jk


  I'm so sorry about not posting anything new. We've been very busy moving,and our internet has been messed up,so I haven't been able get on and write any new posts. We finally got moved into our house and it is so awesome. My room now is twice the size of my old one(which is reeeaaally awesome).Other than that there haven't been any earth-shattering events,and our life should start slowing down.So hopefully, the posts from now on won't be so few and far between.


I'm having some pretty serious niece and nephew withdrawals.So,I thought I'd put some pictures on here of the world's cutest kids.



    As most of you know,my name is Kenny Stetler.I am 15 and am in 10th grade.I live in Burlington, Ky,and I love playing basketball,playing my Wii,mowing,playing my bass,raising Golden Retrievers,and hanging out with my friends and family.I also enjoy hugging random trees,ridding the world of hunger,and generally supressing  hate,evil,racism,and dirty diapers world-wide.(not really,but it sounds very valiant,doesn't it?)


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